Yes and yes yes is more than an event: it's an attitude. 

completely co-created by our attendees and partners. we set the stage and invite you to jump in!

At your average conference, we know the most valuable conversations happen in the hallways, only here they last for three uninterrupted days. They happen over late night drinks, and on the walk from point A to point B. Those chance run-ins with esteemed colleagues, heroes, mentors– even strangers– can lead to conversations that propagate new ideas, concepts, and relationships. Sometimes, the results might even drive an entire industry forward.

YxYY is different from a garden variety conference because it inverts the concept of a topical event: The community is built first, and the topics emerge as its members interact and develop their own content and experiences.  The result is a trendsetting event  that is of the moment and poised for what is next.

We can guarantee that YxYY attendees will be in an environment built for peak emotional, intellectual, social and creative experiences. This is a rare opportunity to affiliate your brand with a purpose-built, hand crafted social environment tailored to the YxYY community.

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