YxYY App

Yes, there's an app for that (this)! Download it before the weekend gets started. Take a photo with the photobooth & post it with #YxYY, see who’s here and what’s happening. Search the iPhone/Android app store for YxYY or hit these links:


A Note on YxYY's Unscheduled Fun

Part of our culture at YxYY is that, aside from a few anchor activities (see schedule & map) there are no pre-published schedules. The goal is to be present & discover the fun as it happens around you, rather than showing up with your whole weekend already planned.     

YxYYers are encouraged to invite people to their fun via the YxYY app or however you wish! If you have a discussion you’d like to start, a talk you’d like to give, or a karaoke competition you’d like to instigate, feel free to announce it on the app or however you wish (pirate flag, bullhorn, whisper chain)! 

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