Yes and Yes Yes is a new kind of event—part conference, part idea incubator, and part tribe. Many conferences talk about how to be innovative and creative, but at YxYY we just do it.  

We understand it may be difficult to communicate the impact this weekend has on your day job and the value it brings to your business. Even though you may understand how much YxYY brings to your work, it may be difficult to communicate the impact this weekend has on your day job and the value it brings to your business.

Here’s everything you need to get your boss to SAY YES—and once they do, you can grab your tickets here!


INNOVATION:  Innovation and creativity are on the tip of everyone’s tongue today.  YxYY attendees are building the next innovative thing you will be talking about tomorrow. Get connected and get inspired.

COMMUNITY: In three short years, Yes and Yes Yes has morphed from an annual event into a deeply engaged community.  Members of the YxYY family meet year round and provide ongoing advice, mentorship, and connections for jobs, customers, clients, partners, and funding.

INSPIRATION:  Most YxYY attendees are quick to point out that they look forward to this weekend all year and always leave refreshed, inspired, and chock full of ideas. They build on, implement, and reflect back on those ideas and experiences throughout the other 11 months of the year.

VALUE: We work very hard to keep the ticket price and total cost of the event affordable to startups, independents, and larger enterprises.  At a ticket price of just $250 for three full days of mind-opening inspiration YxYY is the best value on the market.  And since it’s mostly over a weekend, all it requires is a day or two from work!


  • YxYY is not a conference, it is a professional community with deep roots I can tap into over and over again.

  • Learning and innovation happen in conversation and collaborative moments. YxYY attendees offer a deep well of expertise and ideas, not speaking at me, but rather with me.  This weekend provides me a clear opportunity to let these moments happen.

  • It provides space for me to validate, discuss, and percolate on many projects and ideas.

  • Attendees are not academic talking heads but doers.

  • YxYY is not a replacement for larger traditional events - rather it is a place to test and cement ideas for other conferences and business events. It keeps me at the cutting edge of my game.

  • Exposes me to new ideas and companies.

  • At YxYY I refresh and learn fresh approaches.

Better yet, becoming a YxYY Partner is the BEST way to benefit you, your boss and your company. Everybody wins!

YxYY: Impressing Bosses Since 2013

Thanks to Lean Startup for the inspiration to create this page.