seeking illustrator/designer for yxyy004!

Yes & Yes Yes is a yearly gathering of 400+ nerds, weirdos, futurists and thinkers held in Palm Springs every summer. 

For the past three years, we’ve had the honor of working with illustrator and artist Yiying Lu (of Twitter Fail Whale fame, among other incredible accomplishments). Yiying's designs have been an integral part of shaping the visual experience of YxYY, as her work added volumes to the playful nature and explosive creativity we aimed to cultivate into our event.  

saying yes to new ink 

We are forever grateful for Yiying's contribution, but as we approach our fourth year, we’d like to give other designers in the community the opportunity to lend their creative skills! 


To visually communicate the spirit of Yes and Yes Yes (see video), which will serve as unique memorabilia of YxYY004 for years to come!  


Historically, our illustrator delivered a t-shirt design, which then informed all of the other swag and printed materials. However, we're open to having you lend your creative skills through more of the process, if you're excited to do so! 

At minimum we're seeking:

  • ONE illustration/design
  • Delivered print-ready (vector) 

This illustration/design will then be used - potentially in many ways, in good taste - across all of our materials:

  • On-site posters + signage: large posters, vinyl cutouts, cardboard cutouts, banners, etc.
  • Swag items: t-shirts, lip balm, sunglasses, beach balls, tote bags, lens cloths, etc. 
  • Printed goodies: survival guide, schedules, greeting cards, drink tickets, etc.
  • Any other fun ideas we say yes to this year!

We are also hiring a Designer this year, to help us play on your initial design/illustration, and prepare all the many files needed for the printers. However, if you fancy staying involved in the entire process, we're open to it!    


Beyond the fact that you're an incredibly passionate and talented illustrator/designer, you are:  

  • experienced in print and packaging design; specifically when it comes to all the nuances of print: color, bleeds, scale, etc.
  • proficient with Adobe Creative Suite applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator
  • able to follow style guides and design templates for our brand
  • a collaborative team player, who can also perform independently
  • someone who understands and embodies the spirit of Yes & Yes Yes


This is a temporary remote freelance contract with flexible hours, that starts as soon as possible. We're reviewing portfolios and speaking with interested illustrator/designers now, and aim to make a selection by March 23rd. We'd love to have the initial final artwork* completed no later than April 25th, so that we have time to design all the related materials by end of May.  (*See Deliverables) Depending on the extent of your involvement on the remaining graphic design, you may continue to be involved through May-June, in preparation for our event, July 8-11th, 2016.

A ticket to Yes & Yes Yes 2016, the opportunity to connect with the remarkable Yes& community, and money! The hourly or project rate will be commensurate with experience.

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