Musings and Makings from our Yesandians


From YxYY 003 - 2015

Nikolas Badminton - Saying Yes to the Future of Conferences

Brit Charek - Learning to Say Yes: Our Experience at and Unconference

Alexandra Samuel - Why and How to Yes (And Yes Yes)

From YxYY 002 - 2014

Ben Werdmuller - Dispatches from YxYY

Allison Laichter - Saying Yes! And Yes and Yes Yes

Molly Garris - Slideshare on YxYY

From YxYY 001 - 2013

Ian McFarland: Poem - YxYY, Year 1

Chris Tacy - Learning To Say Yes

Dinah Sanders - Venues Amplify Vibes

John Biehler - I said Yes to Yes by Yes Yes

Willo O'Brien - 400 People Say Yes

Mark Krynsky - My Experience at the YxYY Event

Genevieve Brannan - Yxyy



Christel Van Der Boom: Flipboard magazine

Everyone: Flickr account

Everyone: Flickr Group Pool

Ricky Montalvo: Underwater Photobooth

Brian Glick: Light Painting Photos

Natalie Villalobos: Epic Prom Dance-off Circle

Haley & Simone | Moving Portraits: YxYY Videos
YxYY unofficial teaser (burning marshmallows!) -
Say what? Say YES! (YxYY Day 1) -
Say Yes to Prom (YxYY Day 2) -  
YxYY Boy by The Pool: Quinn Interviews Oliver -

Eddie Codel: Pool time at YxYY

Sam Friedman: YxYY Poolside Portraits



Say Yes - playlist on rdio

Kevin Cheng's Poolside Mix

DKR's 80s Prom Set

DJ Goodword's Prom Set (download) (stream)

Evan's poolside chill music playlist