What exactly is YxYY? 

Yes and Yes Yes is a new kind of event—part conference, part idea incubator, and part tribe.  What started as an experiment has now evolved into a fact. When you gather a group of intelligent, accomplished and engaged people, even in the absence of a traditional conference structure, great things happen. 

YxYY is different from a garden variety conference because it inverts the concept of a topical event: The community is built first, and the topics emerge as its members interact and develop their own content and experiences.  Each year is a unique experience co-created by attendees and partners.   

The result is a trendsetting event that is of the moment and poised for what is next. We can guarantee that YxYY attendees will be in an environment built for peak emotional, intellectual, social and creative experiences. The sheer variety of activities guarantees partners deep brand activations. This is a rare opportunity to affiliate your brand with a purpose-built, hand crafted social environment tailored to the YxYY community.

Read more about the YxYY concept and experience a day in the life of YxYY.

How does being a partner at YxYY differ than at other conferences? 

  • At YxYY partners are people first and brands second. 
  • We introduce our partners’ attendees to our community prior to the event to ensure optimal exposure and connection.
  • Your role and opportunity at YxYY is to add to the overall magic of Yes! with fun activities and surprises that help catalyze conversations with attendees. Many partner activities end up as cornerstones of the weekend!
  • Instead of hitting attendees over the head with logos, you have the chance for your brand to interact with people authentically, leaving a lasting connection and positive impact.
  • YxYY is an intimate gathering of 400. As the entire weekend is grounded in serendipity - there are three uninterrupted days enabling greater connection and conversation than you get at a traditional conference. 

How can I get the most out of YxYY as a partner?

  • Be part of the community - even before you arrive! YxYY is an energetic tribe, curious to meet you.
  • Create an activity that helps others connect with you and provides opportunities to engage.
  • Trust that your representatives and their participation in this community will spill over into positive vibes for your company, product or brand, without your leading with a sales pitch.
  • Enjoy the free-form nature of the event. Because YxYY doesn't have a rigid structure, Partners have the freedom to be creative and playful with how to add to the experience.
  • Come to YxYY as individuals primed for great conversation. Bring the concepts and ideas that you personally are interested in engaging around. Bring questions & concepts your company is trying to answer, and let the community help you generate ideas.

Help! What if I am stuck on how to come up with an activity?

Never fear! We are here to help.  The YxYY co-founders are happy to help you brainstorm ideas that fit your brand and add a fun, unique interactive element to the weekend!

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Drop us a line and we’ll get the ball rolling.