Yes AND Yes Yes

A gathering of...

  • thinkers/futurists/nerds/weirdos
  • voracious consumers of and generators of ideas and information
  • creatives that like to engage in conversation about their creative pursuits & the concepts behind them
  • people comfortable with & excited about their own obsessive interest in their odd corner of the world
  • people on the path to self-actualization, self-awareness and all the goodies that lie therein

Say Yes with Us! 

Following the popular improv mantra "Yes, And..." and honoring the creative brilliance brought to Palm Springs by our attendees each year, we chose the name Yes AND Yes Yes. Read here for the story behind our name.

#YxYY = multiplying the YES!

by teleject for YxYY

Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs provides an environment where it's easy to say YES.

by veganstraightedge for YxYY

Future YES 

The Radical 5 are taking a short break from our yearly event. Stay tuned here for our next incarnation.

by scapegoat for YxYY

Create & Play

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