We knew it would be stimulating conversational fun, but none of us Radical Five could have predicted this.

Beloved community of YesAndians, you have amplified and innovated our idea by a factor of ten thousand YES's. We are forever grateful for the time, energy & care you have spent gifting yourselves to YxYY these past five years.

And until the Radical Five reconvene the Yes once more, we envision each of you carrying these ideas and ideals forward, acting as an infinitaely complex fractal of our hearts and minds, spiraling out into the universe.

Look for us in your parallel futures, as we sound the digital conch - lighting up the 'YES' button in your neural calendars once again. Until then, big teary grateful THANK YOUs from us.

Yours in Yes,
Ann Larie Valentine + Deb Schultz + Amy Muller + Willo O'Brien + Hillary Hartley