You've done it again

What can we say? You've done it again, you beautiful weirdos - you creatives, arduino-hackers, and engines of positivity - you educators, yogic leaders, karaoke balladeers - you costumed rockers, future-lookers, werewolf healers - you LED-lit dancers, alternative thinkers, thoughtful conversationalists & connectors. YOU did this. And we thank you!

The world needs more of what we generated at YxYY004. As you return to your corner of the world, let's promise to take a reflective moment to consider how we might each in our own unique style carry this experience forward into the world.

We know everyone is looking forward to presenting & gobbling up the photographic evidence of YES-making over the next few days. Don't forget to mark it with a ‪#‎YxYY‬ for easier yes-coalescing (coal-yes-ing?).

Stay in touch with us on the FB group, by signing up for our newsletter, or at one of our Post-YxYY Gatherings. But don’t wait for us! YesAndians have always created their own gatherings in their cities or at events throughout the year. Plan it. Post it. Instant YES! (email to be added to the FB group)

Thank you again for what each of you brought to YxYY004. We’re excited to keep connecting with you in the coming year!

Yours in Yes,

Ann Larie Valentine - Deb Schultz - Willo O’Brien - Amy Muller - Hillary Hartley