Are you revving up your mental engines? Dusting off your creative juice generator? YxYY005 is 22 days away!


Friday’s schedule-y bits…

1:30-5pm - Event Registration in the Clubhouse, 1st floor
3pm - Ace Hotel check-in begins
7:30pm - Welcome Cocktail Party at the Commune Pool (registration re-opens for an hour at the Commune for late arrivals)
8:30pm - Opening Remarks from the Founders, Commune
9pm - YxYY Ignite, Commune -  Sign up here if you’d like to present!

If you arrive after registration closes, your wristband, registration goodies and instructions will be at the Ace Hotel front desk.

Early Birds - If you’re coming early but not staying at the Ace, you can still get a wristband for pool access (thanks Ace!). The hotel will have a list of attendees behind the desk starting Thursday evening.

YxYY Survival Guide - don’t leave your home planet without it!

How to Say Yes - If you’re new to YxYY or need a refresher, please take 3 minutes to read this and familiarize yourself with our culture so you can jump right in!

Hackpad, FB group & introducing our NEW YxYY Slack! - Join us in our ideating spaces! (email us at if you’d like to be added to the FB group) Need to book a space for your clever plans? Ask for one here!

YxYY005 FAQ has the answers to your burning questions

Room & Rideshare - It’s part of our culture to share rides and rooms. Have you a space in your car or room? Add your name here and receive our gratitude! (note the tabs at the bottom to toggle between room & rideshare pages)

The Ace is sold out but don’t fret! Many excellent options exist right nearby!

Volunteer - If you’d like to be part of our illustrious crew this year, sign up here! Volunteering is a great way to meet people and earn our undying gratitude.

DJ Sign-up. Have tunes to share? Want to bring musical goodness to our conversational goings-on poolside? Sign up!

Prom005 - Space & Time - This year’s theme, as well as ideas for costume-y goodness, can be found here. Nominate your favorite YesAndian for one of our Prom Timelords! Many thanks to our Prom Chair, Robin Lehto, an incredibly gifted event designer from SF. You have many eras of our gratitude. Interested in being on Prom Committee? Sign up here!

YxYY Code of Conduct - Learn it, live it.

Food, Glorious Food - All about eatin’ at YxYY.

Huge yes-filled THANK YOU hugs to this year’s partners...Mayfield Robotics, the creator’s of Kuri, the world's most adorable home robot and GoDaddy Pro, who’s hell bent on helping freelancers and creative types find gigs. They are the reason there’s swag in your bags & drinks in your hand. And they will be bringing other experiential goodies throughout the weekend so be on the lookout!

All burning questions not answered here can be directed to The meaning of life, as always, remains 42. The meaning of *your* particular life, as always, is up to you!

Looking forward to collaborating, ideating, & relaxing with you poolside very soon!

Ann Larie + Willo + Hillary + Deb + Amy

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